‘An introduction to covariate adjustment in trials’ – PSI covariate adjustment event

Later today I’m delighted to be participating in an online event organised by the Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry (PSI) on the topic of covariate adjustment in clinical trials. The slides of my introduction talk can be viewed and downloaded below. In the talk I’ll very briefly be covering

  • conditional and marginal effects/estimands
  • reasons to adjust analyses of randomised trials for baseline covariates
  • robustness properties of linear regression models
  • interpretation of effect estimates from regression models
  • the standardisation / G-formula estimator of marginal effects, as mentioned in the FDA’s covariate adjustment guidance
  • some properties of treatment effect estimators when stratified randomisation is used

One aspect that I unfortunately will only have a little time to touch on is the ongoing debate about marginal vs. conditional estimands. For a bit more discussion on this point, see this previous blog post.

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