Imputing missing covariates in nested case-control and case cohort studies

I’m pleased to announce a new version (1.3.0) of the smcfcs package for multiple imputation of missing covariates. Thanks to Ruth Keogh at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, this new version features two additional functions, smcfcs.casecohort and smcfcs.nestedcc. These allow for imputing of missing covariates in case cohort and nested case-control studies respectively. A paper describing the methodology is forthcoming.

The package is now on CRAN and so can be installed/updated in the usual way from R or RStudio.

There are of course various papers on the case cohort and nested case control study designs. For further reading, I’d recommend looking at Ruth’s book, co-authored with David Cox, ‘Case-Control Studies’, which contains a chapter on each design.

11/06/2018 – the corresponding paper has now been published in Biometrics.

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